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”I hate capitalism.” typed the communist individual on their MacBook Pro, a product that is a result of capitalism.

”I hate feudalism.” wrote the burgher with their printing press, a product that is a result of feudalism.

"there is only one G*d" said the early christians as they traveled through roman roads, a product of a pagan empire.


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send this to your crush. Just.. just do it

realistic love story: someday I will start to sing this to someone and that someone will finish it and then we will know we are meant to be together for three to five years until my cat gets in the way or something

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Guys guys guys we really need to make this one thing clear

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open text post prompt
write several drafts
press cancel button
nobody needs to know


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open offer:
if you’re feeling pretty disconnected from the world, and a quick click of the heart button on one of your posts that feels embarrassing or pathetic or stupid would help, don’t feel afraid to ask in really direct, honest language; I’ll click it, buddy

sparklesmovementnature replied to your post “I just did a word count on my comments for the first draft of student…”

Oh wow. You gotta pare down, friend. I’m sure you’ve seen the things about choosing three major things to point out for them to focus on because most won’t read or address a ton of comments anyway.

I needed that reality check of an actual word count. The awful part is that this is progress for me. It’s not sustainable; it’s not even effective treaching. But. I’m learning. 


I just did a word count on my comments for the first draft of student essays in my writing class. Keep in mind that I will do comments such as these for both first drafts and final grades for five essays this semester. 

I am currently at about 11250 words. This is roughly 45 pages of text. 

The first step is recognizing I have a problem.